North American/Pelican Nebulae in Cygnus

Image Details:

{short description of image} M27 LRGB - September 10th, 1999 - DDP processing on luminance layer {short description of image} {short description of image}

First image is the raw image. The second has been enhanced with DDP. In the last image I used the pseudo-color feature of Maxim to give the nebula (and maybe a little bit more!) some color and editing out the blooming in the star on the lower left.
 Telescope Nikon 180mm F2.8 ED Lens
 Mount Astrophysics 900
 Camera Class 1 NABG ST-8E, Second cooling stage enabled (all images taken at -18C).
Camera Control Software MaximDL/CCD 2.03 beta
 Location My light poluted yard in San Jose, California
 Date September 26, 1999
 Sky Conditions Medium transparency , moderate seeing.
 Exposure 3 minutes with OIII filter.
 Image Resolution Image was taken at 765x510 (2x2 binning)
 Processing All frames were corrected with bias, dark, and flat field frames. I suspect I needed a better flat frame because the background seems brighter on the right side of the image. For final processing I used MaximDl to add false color to the nebulae and then Photoshop 5 to edit out the blooming in the star on the lower left.