LexiPanel v1.01

This page last updated 5 June 2002

Windows MC-1/DC-2 Serial Port Control

LexiPanel is a Windows 98/NT/2000/XP program that controls the Lexicon MC-1 and DC-2 digital preamplifiers through their serial port. The MC-12 is not yet supported but I am considering it. Please email me if you are interested. I do not own the MC-12 so I would need some patient beta testers if I were to create a version of LexiPanel that worked with the MC-12. Actually, I don't know that LexiPanel does not work with the MC-12 but use it at your own risk on one.

Summary of features:
  • Shows what is on the Front Panel
  • Can turn on the MC-1/DC-2 even if it is off
  • Saves/restores entire configuration
  • Provides real-time control of volume, balance, equalization, etc.
  • Changes between inputs or effects with a button click
  • Easy speaker configuration
  • Easy output level configuration
  • Zone 2 configuration
  • Custom configuration of input names. Enable a custom name that displays when the unit is turned on.
  • With Dynamic Name Editing see the names change on the front panel as you type them!

Version 1.01 is the first official non-beta release of LexiPanel. Version 1.00 was the same as the Beta 3B release. Version 1.01 has been rebuilt with the latest Visual Sudio 6 service Pack. I refined some of the code and made some cosmetic changes and tested it on Windows XP LexiPanel will more quickly detect when there is an improper (or nonexistent) connection to the MC-1/DC-2. LexiPanel now displays a dialog showing progress when loading and saving the MC-1/DC-2 internal parameters. Lastly, I purchased the Wise Solutions installer maker and used that to create the full installation.

Download LexiPanel v1.01 (June 2, 2002)

Installing LexiPanel

Connecting your PC to your Lexicon MC-1 or DC-2

Using LexiPanel

Note: LexiPanel is shareware. LexiPanel is not in any way supported by Lexicon. It is a personal program that I created to control my own MC-1. I have no affiliation now or in the past with Lexicon... I'm just a happy customer!

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